Report: 21-Nov-2015


There's a new plans area on the site. See the plans section in this report for more information.

Here are the achievements since the Annual General Meeting on 6th September 2015.

Chat Room

An experimental chat room has been set up. We're trying this out as an online meeting facility, with reasonable success so far.

In the future, the chat facility could be extended to have other "rooms", besides the committee one. For example, our writing groups and individual members could make use of it.


The following content-related changes have been made:

  • Articles relating to The Write Path anthologies have been tidied up. An availability document for TWP has been added.
  • Many references to "associate members" have been changed to "individual members". Please let me know if you spot any "associates" I've missed.

Here are the achievements since the committee meeting on 25th July 2015.


Release 2.7.3 was deployed on 7th August 2015. This included improvements to the comments entry/reply form, so that there's less confusion about what is being added or replied to.

Full details can be found in the release history.

"100" Competition

To avoid potential controversy, word counts are no longer displayed on the status page.


Plans Documentation

There's a whole new area on the website, that's dedicated to documenting our plans for its future. This includes:

  • Our strategy for evolving the site.
  • A way to get feedback from site users.
  • Sections for specific areas in which to develop the site. For example:
    • Participation & communication.
    • Content & presentation.
    • Facilities & features.
  • A list of specific tasks. At the time of writing, there are twenty tasks identified, with three actively in progress.
Quick Wins

While reviewing the to-do tasks, I identified a couple of "quick wins" to include in the next release:

  • Social media links: connections to social media, including:
    • "Share/tweet" buttons on each article, making it easy for people to link to us on facebook and twitter, in just a few clicks.
    • Behind-the-scenes code to encourage facebook to choose better images, when people link to us from there. Hopefully no more giant-sized adverts, scraped from our side bar.
  • New logo: replace the "pencil" image in the site's top banner, with an official "chain link" one.
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Competition & Mentorships

We are proud to be associated with the Highlands & Islands Short Story Association.