Festival 2015: Details

Previous Event

Please note that this page is for historical information and general interest. The 2015 Open Festival of Writing took place on 4th–6th September 2015.

Please see the latest festival information for current details.

Selected Highlights

  • In a change to the original schedule, there was a welcome reception by Lady Emma & Lord Julian Fellowes. Please see the festival activities for details.
  • Our after-dinner speaker was Lynne HacklesThe £2 that Changed My Life.
  • Authors who sold books at the festival had the opportunity to provide a five minute meet the author slot. A chance to read from their books.

Festival Venue

Following the success of the 2014 festival, the 2015 festival was held at the University of Warwick.

Festival Courses

There were twenty-three workshops, not including the extra activities. They are listed in the festival courses article. Full details are also in the brochure.

Festival Activities

In addition to the main courses and lectures, there were a wide variety of additional activities delegates took part in. Details are shown in the festival activities article and in our brochure.

Festival Tutors

Here's a quick list of the tutors for the 2015 festival:

  • Aimee Bell
  • Julie Bokowiec
  • Steve Bowkett
  • Marvin Close
  • Paul Dodgson
  • Della Galton
  • Veronica Heley
  • James Nash
  • Talli Roland
  • Adam Strickson
  • Tim Wilson

Full details including photos and mini-biographies are given in the festival tutors article and in the festival brochure.

Further Information & Brochure

Please note that the following links are for a previous year's brochure.

Brochure for the 2015 festival: View · Download

For the latest information, please visit the main festival page.

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