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Website Plans: Presentation

Website Plans
  • Overview – The starting point for documentation about our plans for the website.

    • Introduction
    • Terminology
    • Document structure
  • Strategy – Details of our strategy for developing the website.

    • Evolution over revolution
    • IT and joined-up data
  • Your input We want your help. This is your website; we value your ideas and feedback.

    • What are we looking for?
    • How to send us your ideas.
  • Schedule – When things are going to happen. Time scales, as far as we are able to estimate them.

  • Participation – A website where you get to take part, rather than passively absorb information, will be more fun and productive. We have plans to make this happen.

    • Communication
    • Members-only areas
    • Interaction
    • Contribution
  • Facilities – Plans for the website in terms of functionality, useful tools and other applications.

    • Social media integration
    • Directory of writing groups
    • On-line competitions
    • Link magazine
  • Features – Plans for the behavioural and technical aspects of the site.

    • Privacy & security
    • People database
    • Articles & editing

      • Temporal content
      • Markdown for content
      • Automatic TOC generation
    • PayPal integration
  • Content – Plans for what articles, pages and other information to have on the site. Examples: news, information, events, competitions, products and services.

    • Material

      • Revamp "who is NAWG?" area
    • Organisation
  • Presentation – Plans for improvements and additions to the way the site appears, e.g. its layout, styling and navigation.

    • Layout
    • Style
    • Navigation
  • Management – Plans to improve the operational aspects of the site, i.e. the way it's run and maintained, and the way we respond to communications.

    • Operations & procedures
    • Who does what?

Some of the above titles are hyperlinks.

Click for more detailed documentation.

More will become links as things evolve.

*Presentation* includes things such as the following:

  * Layout -- the positioning of display components on the page.
    + Banners and headers.
    + Content display areas.
    + Side bars and widgets.
    + Footers.

  * Styling -- the "look and feel" of the site, e.g:
    + Colour schemes.
    + Typefaces.
    + Images and other graphics.

  * Navigation -- finding your way around the site.
    + Menus.
    + Search tools.
    + Categories, tags and other organisational features.

Here are our plans for improving the presentation of the website. As usual, we welcome your own ideas and feedback.

#### Layout

  * Add support for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

#### Style

  * Replace the "stubby pencil" logo with the official "chain link" one.

#### Navigation

  * Collapsing menus:
    To save vertical space, only the top level of the hierarchy is shown.
    Clicking or perhaps hovering over would expand a particular item,
    showing the sub-items below.

  * Automatic side-bar hiding:
    When not in use, the side bar(s) would disappear,
    leaving only a small "wakeup" symbol behind.
    This would give us more screen real estate for the main content.
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