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NAWG -- National Association of Writers' Groups ===============================================

Web Site Structure ------------------

### Introduction ###

This document describes the approximate hierarchical structure of the NAWG web site, in terms of its content. The information derived from it can be used to design the content management facilities and the site's navigational features (e.g. menus).

The structure will need to be taken into consideration when adding new material and when editing existing content. The use of **categories** should make this a relatively simple procedure, with minimal training requirements for new site contributors.

The navigational features will almost entirely be *automatically derived and generated*, without the need for site contributors to maintain the links. The exceptions would be for links to external sites, that may change over time.

### Content Types ###

There are two main types of content *article* that can be shown on the site, though others may be added in the future:

* **Pages**: These are fixed into the site's structure and tend not to change much over time, though their content can easily be edited. * **Posts**: These are categorised items that will continually be added to. They are akin to blog entries.

### Old Site -- Shortcomings ###

A number of shortcomings and limitations of the existing web site have been identified. In particular:

* *Wrong types*: There are very few *pages*; almost all content is an *article*. This means that content that is designed to be fixed into the structure is not remaining so, due to the effects of adding new articles. * *Lack of hierarchy*: The existing structure is very flat, with not much sub-structure. This can make lists longer and more time-consuming to read and navigate. In particular, the Writing Groups Directory, which could benefit from (say) having regional sub-categories. * *Specific articles as category*: e.g. LINK > Issue 84. This is probably just a simple content management error, but not a good idea in general. * *Time as a category*: Some existing categories are time based, e.g. years for competitions. This is generally unnecessary. * *Opaque category descriptions*: e.g. "ZZ Feature Item". There's no explanation of what such a thing is.

### New Site -- Proposed Structure ###

*See Mind Map...*

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