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Committee Visits to NAWG Groups

The committee was asked at the 2013 AGM to help instigate more interaction between groups. Maybe joint workshops between several groups in an area. The NAWG Committee could visit and possibly bring a visiting tutor with them. But, at least both sides could see how the other worked. and committee members would get to meet more NAWG members than just those that attend the Festival.

We staged an event in Peterborough Library last July when Chris Day came to talk to members about publishing and promoting their books. Anne Steward and Chris Huck  have already been 'Spreading the Word' around Huddersfield, and it is now the turn of further south.

On 24th April 2014, the NAWG Chairman, Pam Fish and the guest tutor, Tim Wilson joined the Harlow Writers' at their meeting place the Stow, Harlow, with fellow writers from the Inn Scribers and Stortford Scribblers all based around Harlow in Essex.

This is a link to Harrow Writers' web-site where a splendid report of the meeting is recorded.

www.harlowwritersworkshop.com /calendar and follow the obvious link.

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Committee Member: January 13, 2017 11:26 pm
Talk of our @spreading the word' all sounds very impressive, but I for one have not kept this up. I for one have made two visits to a group that meets in London. I realise now that reports should have been written up and put on this page. (Just testing the system) Pam
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