Report: 20-Sep-2014

By Kevin Machin

Here's a short report about the web site, which I hope will serve to summarise where things are and where they might be going.

I've kept it deliberately short and terse, so you can read it more quickly.

Nothing is set in stone; this is merely the current thinking.


  • Gain more site visitors.
  • Get them interacting more with the site.
  • Engage with existing writers' groups.
  • Recruit more members.
  • Facilitate new ideas & feedback.


  • Improve content:
    • De-clutter.
    • Move away from long, scrolling documents, towards concise information.
    • Utilise hierarchy.
    • Consolidate repeated information.
  • Improve navigation – Find information faster.
  • Improve administration:
    • Reduce editing effort.
    • Improve media handling – attachments, images, etc.
  • Increase automation:
    • Centralise frequently used data.
    • Reduce maintenance overheads – for both the content and the system.
  • Address known shortcomings.


  • Successful technical handover – Adrian Robinson to Kevin Machin.
  • Approach decided – evolutionary, as opposed to "big bang" changes.
  • Basic roadmap created.
  • Improvements made since release 2.4.1, 20-Mar-2014:
    • Layout & colour scheme.
    • Typefaces.
    • Display modes.
    • Side bar & navigation.
    • Bug fixes.

Way Forward

  • Address hosting issue:
    • Currently "under Adrian's wing" in terms of infrastructure, with insufficient administrative capabilities.
    • Need to improve situation…
    • …or else move to another hosting platform.
  • Solidify plans & designs.
  • Implement changes over time, in order to achieve goals.
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