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Inspired by Reiki Energy

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Inspired by Reiki Energy – Jacqui Gayle

About the Book

This timeliness, modern-day life story shows how using Reiki energy along with other tools and techniques helped Jacqui transform her life from depression and despair to one of empowerment.

"This is all the ingredients of a good story: conflict, reader identification and plot in which a sympathetic heroine struggles to master Reiki and succeeds through her own efforts. Jacqui has brought Reiki to life in a way that will be very helpful to beginners".

— Nick Cook, VWC President.

"Narrative non-fiction is at its best when the author reveal something about themselves as well as observing the world they live in. Jacqui does just that. Her writing is honest, straight from the heart, and provides a perfect example of how Reiki can help people overcome personal grief".

— Steve Barley, Editor.


About the Author

Jacqui Gayle was born and raised in West London, England, in the early 1960's, where both parents were originally from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Jacqui is a proud mother of four beautiful children: Daniel, Andre, Anton, and Simone. Jacqui has sixteen years of Reiki experience, and has studied both western and eastern Reiki. She is a qualified and insured Reiki practitioner/teacher, personal life coach, writer and public speaker. Jacqui has travelled as far as Japan to learn Jikiden Reiki with Japanese master, Tadao Yamaguchi.

Jacqui runs a successful business named Time2Heal, where her clients come for healing, learning, coaching, meditation, and visualization sessions. Jacqui lives in a beautiful village called Studham, in the county of Bedfordshire. Now, twice married and divorced, Jacqui remains focused and grounded; she helps out with her local church and charities, enjoying activities such as swimming, reading and entertaining.

You can order Inspired by Reiki Energy directly from the publisher at www.balboapress.com. Typical Ordering Time: 7–10 Business Days. This book is also available at your local resellers.

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