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Turning your Knowledge into Income

Image: Turning your Knowledge into Income
by Chris Day, Filament Publishing – £10

Chris Day is a prolific and successful writer, author, business journalist and publisher whose passion revolves around the effective use of words. His latest offering, Turning your Knowledge into Income, is an infinitely useful and highly inspiring 188-page soft-back book. This cleverly constructed compendium could well provide just the push you need to develop and take control of a lucrative new income source – or even an ingeniously 'recycled' or parallel career.

This is achievable, says Chris, simply by converting your Knowledge into a far-reaching scenario that can add value to others' lives. The format of the book itself succinctly and effectively epitomises exactly what Chris is advising his readers to do themselves. He has neatly pulled on his huge accumulated wealth of Knowledge to create a powerful, all-embracing 'layman's' guide, all presented in a single volume.

Aimed primarily at aspiring writers but also entirely relevant to anyone finding themselves at an unexpected crossroads in their career or life journey, Chris's book contains a vast amount of invaluable information and packages it into easily accessible, bite-sized chunks, which together create a highly achievable route to personal and financial success.

From cover to cover, Chris himself looms large as a personable, inspiring, expert, and successful entrepreneur, providing entirely relevant, positive, and realistic advice and guidance on a subject that arises from his lifelong passion for words and their manifold uses.

Throughout his own career he has used them to great effect, working on stage and behind the scenes in theatre, acting on film and on television, as a voiceover artist on radio… setting up a number of successful businesses… as a trainer and public speaker – and now enjoying a varied and fulfilling life as a multi-media publisher.

Throughout the book and in his inimitable style, Chris also calls upon a raft of highly respected, high achieving friends and colleagues, all of whom are proven experts in their particular fields. From them he has managed to extract invaluable contributions and reference guides to a host of crucial subjects from Goal Mapping (Brian Mayne), and Mind Mapping (Phil Chambers) to Working successfully from Home (Rachael Ross), Social Networking (David White) and Entrepreneurial, Marketing and Business Consulting (Jonathan Jay) – as well as including items from a number of published authors (David Barber, Colin Bennett, Ron G Holland and John Rushton) and a professional photographer (Frazer Ashford).

Turning your Knowledge into Income is divided into three parts, with Part One entitled 'Know What You Know', Part Two 'Grow What You Know' and Part Three, 'Share What You Know'.

Each section is bursting with words of experience from Chris and his contributors, and designed to help you identify the assets you already possess – which, if properly packaged, others will willingly pay for – and through which you can take the necessary steps to create a thriving business.

"Most people spend a lifetime making regular deposits into their personal Bank of Knowledge and build up considerable assets" says Chris. "Very often they completely overlook what could be the most valuable things they own – their Knowledge, experience and the many insights they have gained over the years. By ignoring them, they are, in effect, letting the account at their Bank of Knowledge lie dormant!

My inspiration for this book is to bring all those assets together to create an up-to-the-moment 'current account' – designed to invigorate and enthuse my readers into transforming all that Knowledge into a very welcome income source, which could transform their lives forever!"

About the Author

Chris Day is an author and business journalist, whose current editorial assignments include a monthly column in Making Money Magazine. Along with co-author Phil Chambers, he compiled and wrote the first Yearbook and the Arbiters Handbook for the Mind Sport of Competitive Memory and is also the General Secretary for the World Memory Sports Council, organisers of the World Memory Championships.

In 2000 he founded Filament Publishing Ltd to help aspiring authors to find an easier route to market their words, and to take advantage of the new opportunities that the digital age and social media have now made possible to repurpose words in a variety of ever-expanding new formats.

Available for Interview

Chris is also available to provide or contribute to any press or broadcast features you may be considering, on the subjects of finding new or additional career paths, or setting up in business for yourself. He would also be prepared to put together a regular slot in your publication or for your website, or provide expert advice on any associated matter.

For more information about Chris visit www.askchrisday.com

"Turning your Knowledge into Income" by Chris Day Published by Filament Publishing and distributed by Gardner's. ISBN 978-1-905493-40-1 (RRP £10) is available from major bookshops throughout the UK and online retailers such as Amazon – or you can order direct at: www.filamentpublishing.com

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