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by Kyle Jones

Audio books are more popular than ever at the moment and maybe worth exploring as an aspiring or experienced writer. Not only do they have the power to circumvent the restrictions of traditional publishers and allow anyone to either market or share their creative words, plots, ideas, adventures, and life journeys but enable a writer to explore the different and dramatic dimension of the voice.

Recordings of your best stories can be uploaded to websites, made into CDs, podcasts, put on memory sticks and shared amongst family, friends, local bookshops, libraries, bus and train companies or anywhere around the globe. Amazon and its counterpart Audible also enable writers to market their work online.

I am a recent member and big fan of recording, editing, and mixing digital sound using either a studio, phone line, or best 32 bit portable digital recorder. I produce a weekly radio show at Radio Cherwell Oxford called The Stethoscope and make various feature programmes on a range of subjects from the history of anaesthetics to pigeon racing, growing watercress, shipping racehorses by air, traditional thatching and more.

I would like to offer my services to writers for a (hopefully) reasonable fee and support writers to share their good works in audio formats. Either you could read your own story or I could arrange it to be read by a professional voice. I could either come to you, you to me, or down the phone line at the studio. Or I could share with you the ins and outs of making your own audio recording if you so desire. Obviously it is important to know that 1,000 words normally reads in approximately 10 minutes so pick your favourite short story to begin with.

I am also interested to broadcast a series of stories within the Oxford hospitals and explore a national rail scheme that helps promote downloadable podcasts for those commuting. I also would consider hosting a storefront website that could distribute, share, sell, and market your stories.

If you are intrigued please get in touch. I also am a skilled photographer and can assist with any CD artwork you might require. Kyle Jones 07962 207988 or info@timeandcompany.com. Thank you.

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