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As discussed at a NAWG committee meeting on 21-Feb-2015, we're planning to set up some official e-mail addresses. They should always be used in preference over personal ones, for the reasons given in the rationale section.

The Proposed Official Addresses

Here they are, listed below. All e-mail addresses are of the form "mailbox@nawg.co.uk".

Mailbox Purpose Recipients
info General requests for information. Nominated individual(s) to act on the request, or delegate as appropriate.
chairman Messages directed at specific roles within the association.
editor Editorial inquiries, e.g. about Link magazine. Link Editor.
membership Inquiries regarding NAWG group and individual membership. Membership Secretary.
publications Inquiries regarding NAWG publications. Publications Officer.
web-admin Inquiries regarding the web site. Web Administrator.
booking-festival Bookings for the annual Festival of Writing. Booking Administrator and assistant(s).
booking-events Bookings for other events, e.g. Wentworth.
comp-nawg Inquiries relating to writing competitions. Competitions Organisers.
no-reply Special address for sending automated responses, e.g. login password resets. The individual who triggered the automated action.


Here are some justifications for why we should use official e-mail addresses, rather than our personal ones.

  1. Roles can change: Individual's responsibilities within the committee can shift. This means their e-mail address may no longer be appropriate for a given purpose. The official NAWG e-mail addresses have targeted purposes and will not change.
  2. People move on: Individuals may leave the committee. Their e-mail address will, obviously, then be useless in terms of NAWG business. These staff changes can easily be accommodated "behind the scenes" using the official NAWG e-mail addresses.
  3. Personal e-mail addresses are just that: Mixing up business and personal messages can lead to confusion, lost information, and mistakes. Using the official NAWG addresses will keep everything together.
  4. Accountability & traceability: Using the official e-mail channels will provide a traceable history of what has been requested from the association and what responses have been made.

† Notes

  • The e-mail addresses given above were the originally proposed ones. The currently active addresses can be found on the contacts page.
  • In addition to storing messages in the official mailboxes, we can relay them to other destinations. This means that the messages can also be sent to personal mailboxes, for those who want this option.
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