Report: 25-Jul-2015


Here are the achievements that have been made since the last committee meeting on 16th May 2015.

Competitions Area

In order to clarify things, the competitions area has been divided up into three sub-categories:

  • Members only: for NAWG members only. Usually free to enter.
  • Open: organised by the NAWG committee but open for the general public. Often with an entry fee.
  • General: general open competitions, organised by friends and individuals of NAWG.

The competition results have been coalesced into a single sub-category.

Many articles relating to competitions, now appear in both the "competitions/general" and "group news" categories.

“100” Competition

An issues page was added, for tracking problems, bugs, enhancement requests and the like.

Word counts were added to the story lists, visible to administrators in the administration area and to all users on the status page. This feature may be removed in a later release – please see issue 0002.

Work is progressing on fully automating the competition, including the use of on-line entry forms in place of e-mails and attached story files. The development of these features is taking place behind-the-scenes and they'll be released at a later date. There's no schedule for this currently, though one will be crystallised once there is a more concrete system that can be evaluated and tested.

Writing Groups Directory

The WGD now shows prompts to encourage groups to tell us which parts of their information they would like us to display. The prompts are replaced by the appropriate group location and contact information, once they have opted-in.


Site release 2.7.2 was deployed on 3rd June. Please see the release history for details.


The medium and long term plans are still being developed. Please see the previous report for a brief summary.

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Competition & Mentorships

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