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The Chocolate Box

Picture: chocolates

Lots of exercises from one object…

1. Yours or Mine

With the unopened chocolate box on the table, choose one of the following:

  1. Choose to be a giver or receiver. Write a short 200 word reply in letter form. You can be as cutting or as pleased as you like.
  2. Write a duologue – a conversation between giver and receiver.
  3. Write an internal monologue – what you really think about the chocolates.

2. Open the Box

From the written descriptions of the chocolates, select one (no touching the chocolates yet!) and describe a character who would select that particular chocolate and why.

(ensure the box has enough for one each.) 3. Pass Round the Chocolates

Get the touch and smell senses working first. When you are ready, write down what you expect – how do you think it will taste? Describe the sensation, describe the smell; now go for it, taste it.

Now go overboard and think of as many superlatives/similies/metaphors as you can. Remember these can be positive or negative. Where you disappointed? Did the chocolate look better than it tasted? Or was it really, really good?

If anyone is allergic to chocolates or their ingredients, then they can draw on their imagination for this descriptive exercise.

Note that this exercise can be repeated until all the chocolates have gone! The bigger the box, the better.

4. A Quick Round the Table Exercise

What would you use the empty box for? Take it in turns to say what you would keep in the box and why. No repeats. Ten seconds for each turn. See how inventive you can be.

5. A Totally Different Style of Writing

Try your hand at a marketing exercise. What would you call a range of chocolates? Think of a brand name, choose names for the chocolates and describe them for a single line of copy on the box. Harder than you think.

Thanks to The Writers' Hub – Coventry.

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