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Catherine is a member of Writers' Hub in Coventry and has read avidly and written profusely ever since she first learnt. Most of her writing has been for herself (although her diaries are not up to Gwendoline Fairfax standards), friends (many, many letters), and her students (in over 20 years of teaching). She has contributed to educational materials published by VSO and is currently a Principia education partner, writing resources and an intermittent blog for the National Centre for Earth Observation's EO Detective project which means she knows nearly as much about Tim Peake and the ISS as the average 10 year old. While this allows her to claim to have tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of readers, her regular 'What to read next' column for the Earlsdon Literary Magazine has a much smaller circulation, since it is the newsletter of AVID readers, her reading group (you can find the last few editions on the Coventry Libraries website). She does the layout for Listen, the magazine of the Lay Community of St Benedict, and, from time to time, writes a piece for that too, although more often she's effectively a staff writer, turning notes into unattributed short pieces to fill gaps.

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Catherine is also an independent editor and proofreader working with businesses, translators and students across a range of disciplines as well as authors of fiction and non-fiction. She is a regular at local meetings of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders but hasn't yet made it to a conference because it keeps clashing with NAWGFest which, of course, takes priority. She has ended up dealing with bookings for that as well as membership because, between being a teacher and an editor, she was a data manager and so knows how to handle a spreadsheet.

In what time is left, she likes to write poetry (although is only really productive at Writers' Holiday), gives NaNoWriMo a go most years and one day will get round to putting together a collection, or making 50 000 random words into 80 000 that hang together. Other things she'd like to be better at – and so enjoys doing when she can squeeze them in – are singing, playing the recorder, photography, cooking and crosswords (cryptic ones of course). Guess which of those her friends would rather she gave up on?

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