NAWGFest 2017: Talks

NAWGFest 2017

Here's a quick summary of the talks. Click the name links for details.

Speaker Talk Time Location
TBC... Biog TBA... Friday 8:30 pm (approx.) after dinner. Chancellor's Suite, Rootes building.
TBA... Biog TBA... Saturday 1:45 pm. Humanities, lecture theatre R52.
TBA... Biog Question and Answer session with literary agents. TBA... TBA...
Peter Robinson Biog A Celebrity Author will give the Saturday evening talk. Saturday after Gala Dinner. Chancellor's Suite, Rootes building.

Most still to be arranged, details will be posted here and on Twitter & Facebook.

Speaker to be arranged…
Friday 8:30 pm Chancellor's Suite Title to be arranged…

Speaker to be arranged…
Saturday 1:45 pm Humanities R52 Title to be arranged…

Speakers to be arranged…
Time & place to be arranged… Questions & Answers with Literary Agents

Peter Robinson
Saturday PM after Gala Dinner Title to be confirmed…

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