Here is a listing of all tag names, used to organise and cross-reference articles.

Name Articles Description Id
advert 47 Advertisements on the site. Free to NAWG members. Chargeable for non-members. 48
advertising 2 Articles about advertising on this site, or that mainly contain adverts. 12
alumni 1 Former staff, committee members and associates. 56
anthology 12 Anthologies and other collections of stories or poetry. 44
closed 40 Competitions or other events whose closing date has passed. 51
exercises 2 Ideas for group and individual writing exercises. 57
history 1 Articles of historical interest. 38
interviews 1 Interviews with authors, agents, publishers, NAWG members… 39
NaNoWriMo 1 National Novel Writing Month. 14
NAWG publications 11 Publications by the National Association of Writers' Groups. 10
patrons 8 Patrons of NAWG, past and present. 53
photos 10 Articles containing photographs, often from past events. 13
plans 12 Articles about our plans for improving the web site. 50
poetry 11 Articles and books about poetry. 43
report 10 Articles that are reports. Usually for internal use. 40
staff 6 Trustees, committee members and other NAWG staff, past and present. 55
test 10 Test pages. Usually for internal use only. 9
travel 1 Articles about travel writing. 11
tutors 13 Writing course and workshop tutors, past and present. 54
TWP 7 The Write Path – anthologies of award-winning prose and poetry from our members. 58
winners 9 Stories, poems and other writing by winners of previous competitions. 52
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