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Version 1.0.1

We're working on our documentation for privacy and personal data protection. When it's ready, the information will be available from this page, which will act as a portal for:

  • Information you can read here on the website.
  • Documents you can download and keep for yourselves.
  • Requests you can make to us, concerning your personal data.

We intend to document the following:

  • Privacy policy – a full description of our policy for keeping your personal data private and secure.
  • Personal data – all about the information you supply, to enable us to provide you with the goods and services we offer, including:
    • Types – what kinds of data we keep about you.
    • Collection – when and where we collect your data, and for what purposes.
    • Storage – how we securely look after your data.
    • Retention – the length of time we keep your data and how we remove it when it's no longer needed.
    • Sharing – who we share your data with and for what purposes.
  • Requests – what we do when you ask for action regarding your data:
    • Guide – help and instructions on how to make a personal data related request.
    • Correction – procedures to alter your data if it's incorrect.
    • Copies – how we can provide you with copies of the personal data we hold on you.
    • Removal – how we can remove your personal data from our systems, if you ask us to.
    • Breaches – how we deal with reports of any breach in the privacy or security of your personal data.

All articles on this subject can be found in the privacy category.

Document History
Version Date Description
1.0.1 14-Jun-2018
  • Added link to the "privacy" category.
  • Changed heading from "Change History" to "Document History".
  • This history is now managed in a separate source file.
  • Minor change to the styling of the table of contents.
1.0.0 12-Jun-2018 Article password removed. The page is now public.
0.1.1 29-May-2018 Changed title from "Personal Privacy & Data Protection" to "Privacy & Personal Data". This hopefully makes it sound simpler and a bit less technical. Moved "guide" at the top of the "requests" list.
0.1.0 25-May-2018 First draft of the template/portal page, password protected. For review by the committee.
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